Total Technologies offers specialized IT services for businesses.  We work to quickly and fully understand you and your technology infrastructure.  We understand computer technology as a business tool.  We can help your organization improve your technology infrastructure.  Our goal is to fashion the best working technology model for your company or organization.


Valuable decision making

We help make the right technology products and IT service choices.  Through better decision making an organization can see cost savings and even improved productivity.

Services for different needs

We offer a wide array of business IT services from from consulting, technology project management, infrastructure redesign, purchasing, installation, relocation and logistics, hardware and software setup, systems integration and configuration, systems security and protection, systems customization, 24/7 automated remote management, licensing management, upgrade and patch management, bulk e-cycle, secure bulk disposal and data recovery and destruction.


Enhanced Support

We are often able to provide IT services beyond a typical technology department.  We offer as much support your organization requires.  We can be your entire technology department or we can supplement your current technology department.  Unlike most tech departments, we have partnerships with many other technology companies.  We can often provide enhanced services for your existing technology department.  We have direct access to many companies, services, and systems that a typical technology department may not have, but would benefit greatly from.


Quality services

Our company is dedicated to providing the best possible IT services.  We are working, testing, and experimenting with every major and many minor software and hardware products.  We test and compare anti-virus software, encryption technologies, and many other systems in order to determine if there has been any improvements over previous versions and to better implement and manage commercial grade products.

We utilize some of the industries most powerful technologies for backup systems, email servers, automated management systems, remote support, and diagnosis.


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We know there are many technology choices to make for any organization.  We can help organizations choose the best technology for their technology infrastructure.


Hardware and Software IT services

We provide consulting, repair, maintenance, upgrades, and management on computers, laptops and servers.  We provide on-site and secure attended and unattended remote support for desktops, laptops/tablets, and servers for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS (iPhone and iPad).


Peripherals and Accessories

We install, setup, and troubleshoot printers, scanners, fax, all-in-one systems and other computer peripherals and accessories.


Hosting and Management

We provide managed on or off-site hosting for Microsoft Exchange servers, SQL & mySQL servers,  MS sharepoint servers, file servers,  web servers, FTP servers, Email servers, hosted PBX systems, DFS replication servers, RAS and cloud storage systems.  In order to enhance support we are able to correspond with tech support from an internet service provider, web hosting, email hosting, or domain hosting service provider in order to expedite and more effectively resolve technical issues.


Automated and Managed Services

We offer 24/7/365 automated maintenance, automated update management, patch management, license management, automated on and off-site back up services for your organizations technology needs.


Recycle, Disposal, or Donation

Bulk and secure disposal services to remove systems.  We can help you safely and securely recycle, dispose, or donate your computer systems, printers, and other computer accessories.


Relocation services

We can securely help an organization move their technology infrastructure to a different location.


We offer services for audio, televisions, and video surveillance systems.  We provide consulting, upgrading and custom configuration services.  We also install, setup, and configuremany different types of customized systems specific to your organizations requirements.


Basic Services

We will install, wire, and wall mount audio and video equipment.  We will handle the setup and configuration.  We will explain how it works and how to use it.



We provide installation and setup services for CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray players, VHS, tape decks, laserdisc players, audio receivers, other stereo equipment, DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders), media centers, media extenders and other set top boxes.


Video Conferencing & Webinars

We help coordinate, install, setup, and deploy video conference calls and webinars.


Relocation Services

We offer relocation services for your audio and video equipment.  We help  coordinate the set up of audio and video systems at a new location.

There are more and more organizations are depending on mobile technology everyday.  We can help with your organizations mobile technology needs.


We can help you choose the right mobile technologies for your organization.  We have services for many different electronics from cell phones, smartphones (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile or Android), tablets, ipads, portable credit card processing, hand held barcode readers, hand held scanners, portable printers, fingerprint scanners, and more.  We setup, install, and configure mobile technology.  We configure, network, setup, and help install applications.


Mobile Phones

We manage information on phones and keep systems secured, synced, and backed up with an Exchange server.  We currently offer remote support for the following mobile platforms: Windows mobile, Blackberry, and  IOS (iPhone and ipad).


Personalization and Customization

We customize smart phones, pads or tablets. (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile or Android)  We setup, install, and configure mobile technology.  We configure, network, setup, and help install applications.

Electronic Organizers

We setup, install, and configure your pda, palm, pocket pc, iTouch, and more.


Digital Cameras

We help purchase, setup, install, and configure cameras and digital video camcorders for offices and businesses.


We design, setup, configure, and manage commercial networks and networking equipment.


Firewalls and VPN

We choose, setup, and configure a managed firewall systems.  We provide services for setting up virtual private networking and maintaining the health of your VPN tunnels.


Routers, Switches, Hubs

We know that the routers and switches are the backbone for networked technology infrastructures.  We install, configure, and manage commercial routers, switches, and hubs to help optimize networks.


Network printing, Scan, Fax

We offer services to configure network based printers, scanners, and facsimile systems.


Remote Access

We provide services to setup secure remote access to your computer systems.

Backup and Fail-over Systems

We determine a backup system that optimally manages data.  We provide a variety backup solutions for both on-site and off-site applications.  We implement find the right fail-over system for your technology infrastructure.



As important as backup systems are, restoration systems are just as critical.  We provide an array of data restoration solutions that will fit any organizations needs.  We have both on-site and remote data restoration services.



When systems fail, we provide solutions to recover data from just about any storage device, from single hard drives both solid state and magnetic drives, raid arrays, proprietary raid systems, single discs, usb thumb drives, memory sticks, memory cards, flash drives, and external drives.


Data Management

Managing a large amount of data can become a challenge to any organization.  We help organizations better manage their data, backup and restoration systems.


We understand the security of any organizations technology infrastructure is critical to operations of day to day business.  We provide the following security services:


Internet Security

We help recommend managed firewall systems for commercial applications.  We professionally configure your operating system, networking systems, and provide managed solutions to help maintain optimal protection.  We can help your organization decide which products and services are best for you and how to ensure data security.


Mobile Security

Protect your organizations mobile technology.  We help consult, implement, and manage mobile security technology for phones, laptops, and tablets.


HIPPA and regulations compliance

We recommend and help implement procedures, software, and systems to get an organization to follow HIPPA and other legal  compliance requirements for technology.



Security Certificates

We offer services to setup and manage SSL certificates and other certificate and key based security systems.



Secure Data Wiping

We securely destroy data on hard drives and other storage devices so that data cannot be recovered or read.  We use DoD (Department of Defense) grade data destruction technologies.  We offer secure data wiping on computers, servers, laptops, photocopiers and other systems.



System monitoring, security

We provide monitoring and system lock down services.  We make sure that your organization has full control and can monitor and more easily manage the computer systems and usage.



Password Security

We recover passwords for any Windows, Mac, and other software applications.  We provide software password recovery for PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Access database, and zip files.



Encryption and Decryption

We provide encryption services data and emails.   We utilize DoD (Department of Defense) grade encryption solutions for a variety of applications, strongly encrypting local and private information to encrypting transmitted and publicly available data.




We clean networks, servers, and computer systems from malware, viral infection, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, worms, bots, injection, bombing, and more.  We restore technology systems back to normal performing condition.



E-mail, Calendar and Contacts

We secure your email calendar and contacts.  We help to control, remove, protect  and help to prevent email attacks.


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