Our History


Total Technologies is an IT consulting and services company based in East Norriton, Pennsylvania.  In 2005 our president had a simple vision to help people.  In that vision he saw the potential to enable peoples lives through technology services.  Following his vision he started Total Technologies, a company that would provide technology services at a high level of quality but personalized to each and every client.  We understand that providing the best services means we must work a bit harder and  always remember that helping people is about building personal relationships.  Through our personal relationships we can better help our clients and partners.


Total Technologies is changing the way people can leverage technology products and services. We want to change the way technology services are provided and offered in the home and office.  We are dedicated to delivering quality solutions and services.  We work to understand the needs of your technology lifestyle or business infrastructure. We can help improve your use of computer and mobile technologies.


Total Technologies is a company that is designed to bring together all the possible services a person or a business may need.  We have many partners that allow us to provides so many services in one complete package.


“We aim to increase public knowledge and understanding of modern computer technologies. We want to help many people utilize technology to the fullest. Our services are designed to provide a full service and relationship based support experience.”


Our services are designed to make technology simpler, easier, and more efficient.


Our Mission


Total Technologies mission is to empower people by providing the highest standard in personalized technology services. We will accomplish our mission by offering quality solutions, friendly service, and trustworthy support.



Our Vision


Our vision is to live in a world where anyone can be technologically empowered.  We envision a world where everyone can utilize technology products and services to improve the lives of their families, communities, and countries.



We can empower our world through educating and helping people with technology products and services.



We are here to change the current standard of technology services by becoming the leader of our industry.  Our leadership coupled with our passion to serve and help others, we will be used as a driving force to bring about positive change in the technology world we live in.



Total Technologies Fundamentals


  • Relationships
  • The foremost integral part of Total Technologies is building and maintaining relationships with our employees, clients, and partners. We are focused on building trusting relationships to provide the best service possible. We believe that trusting relationships should always be the foundation in which we work upon. We are constantly building relationships that can empower people around us.
  • Total Solutions
  • Total Technologies is a company that is designed to provide many different types of technology services. We provide someone with start to finish service. We strive to push the limit of what a technology service company can provide and accomplish. We are also working to develop better procedures and techniques in a service industry where there are less precedence and standards. We are working to building a company that can not only provide services but connect with people in a real way.
  • Opportunity
  • We believe in building and providing opportunities. We know that technology can offer many opportunities and really enable a person or a group of people. We’re always looking to find people who want to learn and take advantage of the opportunities that technology has to offer. We invest our time into internship programs and community service projects in our local communities. To learn more about our internship programs and community service projects. Click here.