Total Technologies Internships

We are training local students to adhere to our higher standard of serving others.  We train our interns to be the best servant leaders we know how.  Our internship program was started in order to perpetuate our mission through our young people.  In order to help build up expertise, a major component and requirement of our internship program is that our interns utilize their training for various community service projects.


Our community service projects enable our interns to serve others and develop their character as a leader.  We create relationships with the community.  Our interns go out and train people to serve and educate others about computer technology.


Total Technologies donation program

In an effort to equip our community and help preserve our environment, we’ve started a donation program.  We do not accept antiquated and completely destroyed systems.  What makes our donation program different from others is that the computers and equipment that we accept must meet minimum requirements, which are subject to change as technology advances.

Before we accept any equipment, we thoroughly inspect and run diagnostics on the systems.   Because we are a technology service provider we are able to make decisions on how to best utilize the donated computers and equipment.  We are able to better manage and maintain all of the equipment we receive.  We rebuild as many computers as we can and donate them to various organizations or individuals that are in need of  a computer system.

Through our internship and Donation program we will be able to educate and equip our communities.