Total Technologies offers exclusive membership based services.  We have designed our membership to be a full package of services and discounts suited for the home and family lifestyle.


Our membership plans include FREE services and discounts on partner products.  Residential clients can get professional consulting, commercial IT products, and services at a membership exclusive discounted rate.   We value our members because they help us achieve our mission and vision.


   Save Time and Money

  • Our members get faster service.  We know our members when they contact us. We already understand our member’s technology needs, getting questions answered and problems resolved takes less time.  The Residential Membership plan is designed to save money by including FREE monthly service hours.  With the free monthly hours you can keep your technology professionally installed, setup, configured, and maintained.


   Residential Coverage

Residential membership covers your home address. All the services are covered under a basic residential membership plan, except emergency and recovery services.  Residential service members can get FREE service hours every month.


Membership benefits and options:

  1. – FREE service hours every month
  2. – FREE travel and delivery time
  3. – Local and Roaming Remote Assistance
  4. – Personal Purchasing and Warranty Agent
  5. – Personal Technology Support and Consulting
  6. – Remote support for (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, Iphone, Ipad, windows mobile, and blackberry)
  7. – Guaranteed Rate protection
  8. – Referral Discounts
  9. – Partner company discounts
  10. -Upgrade options to add additional services (i.e. Remote off-site backup)



Personalized Services

Membership gives you direct contact to our consultants,support staff and technicians.  The key element to our membership is that our consultants are familiar with what you want.  The longer you’ve been a member the better we’re able to understand your concerns, needs, and pace.  We can provide support based on your personal preferences and goals.  We know our members and their technology systems.  Knowing our members allows us to quickly and more accurately assist someone since there is no need to ask about their identity or any other technical aspects of their computer systems or network infrastructure.



 Flexible Support

Whether its on-site(at your house), in-house(at our office), or remotely assisted, your service is covered under a membership plan.  We currently provide remote support for just about every computer platform from Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone & iPad.  Remote support is a member exclusive service.  We even offer unattended remote assistance where you don’t even need to be present, so you save time and still get technical support.




  Flexible Coverage

A membership plan can cover services for multiple computers in multiple locations.  We will provide most of the services we offer under the membership plan, except for emergency and recovery services. For any of the services that are not covered for free, we simply offer them at your guaranteed discounted membership rate.



  Exclusive Benefits

Members receive exclusive discounts on select partner products and services.  Members get a discounted membership rate which can be guaranteed for the duration of the membership.  Members get a referral discount for referring another member.   If you are interested in becoming a residential member. Please click here to setup an appointment.   Membership is for service only.  It does not cover or replace the cost of any hardware or software, damage or destruction due to theft, vandalism, malicious behavior, negligence, and natural/unnatural disasters and emergency services.




Membership Requirements

A permanent address is required for membership. Membership coverage is based on location. Depending on your membership plan, a different number of systems will be covered. All systems that are covered must meet our minimum eligibility requirements (which is subject to change) We will perform a full diagnostic of a system. If we decide that systems are working properly and can be properly maintained we will approve it for coverage. However, if your computer fails eligibility, it may need to be repaired or upgraded to meet eligibility standards. Computer systems that are to be covered under membership need to be registered by a Total Technologies authorized technician before any coverage can be applied.