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We provide consulting on computers, laptops and servers.  We have on and off-site support.  We offer remote support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.


We know there are many technology choices to make.  We aid in making hardware, software, and service purchasing decisions.  We have purchasing services where we can purchase certain products for you.  We also help you communicate with tech support from other companies and service providers.


Basic IT Services

We have repair, upgrading, build, rebuilding, and custom designing services. We install, setup, and configure your computer systems.  We transfer your old data to the new system.


Management and Maintenance

We offer automated maintenance and patch management, license management, and on and off-site back up services your home systems.

Peripherals and accessories

We offer installation and setup and troubleshooting on printers, scanners, fax and other peripherals and accessories.

Recycle, Disposal, or Donation

We have IT services to remove systems that can no longer serve your purpose, we can help you safely recycle, dispose, or donate your computer systems, printers, and other computer accessories.

Relocation services

We can help you coordinate the set up of your computer systems at your new location.

Private tutoring

We can teach you to be capable of using your computer at the level you want to use it.  Our tutoring is done at your pace.  Our priority is to help you get the knowledge and skills that will empower you.


For your audio and video systems, we provide upgrading and custom designing services. We also install, setup, and configure many different types of customized systems. Our consultants can help you get the optimal cabling and configuration for your audio and video systems.


We know there are many audio video options available. We will help you choose the TV and equipment for your needs. We install and mount your television. We handle wiring, setup, and configuration of your television. We can also explain how it works and how to use it.



We provide installation and setup services for your CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray players, VHS, tape decks, laserdisc players, audio receivers, other stereo equipment, DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders), media centers, and media extenders.

Remotes and Wireless

We can help you choose the right universal remote and wireless technology for your audio video system. We custom program it to your specific equipment and setup.

Relocation Services

We offer relocation services for your audio and video equipment. We can help you coordinate the set up your audio and video systems at your new location.

Mobile technololgy has made huge waves in the tecnology world. Let us show you about our mobile technology services.
We can help you choose the right mobile technology for your lifestyle. From cell phones, smartphones (Blackberry, Iphone, Windows mobile or Android) ipod, ipad, tablets, mp3 players and more. We can help you setup, install, and configure your mobile technology. We can help you network them, get your e-mail setup, and install applications.


Mobile Phones

We help you manage information on your phones and keep your system synced and backed up. We currently offer remote support for the following mobile platforms: Windows mobile, Blackberry, and IOS (iPhone and ipad).

Personalization and Customization

We can help you customize your smart phone, pad or tablet. (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile or Android)

Electronic Organizers

We setup, install, and configure your pda, palm, pocket pc, iTouch, and more. We can help you network them, get your e-mail setup, and install applications on to them and troubleshoot your problems.

Media and Mp3 players

We will help you with quick and easy training on how to operate your new MP3 player. We setup, install, configure, and explain what you’d like to know.

Digital Cameras

We help you setup, install, and configure your digital cameras and digital video camcorders. If you need to learn how to connect it to your computer, we will show you how.

Game and Media Systems

We setup your wiring and configuration for your gaming systems. We will set up your console or PC for online gaming. We provide system installations, setup, custom configurations, system updating, and troubleshooting services for game systems.

A properly configured network is the key element to a full and secure Internet experience.


Whether you have wired or wireless network, we can help you get the most out of your network. We setup both wired and wireless networks. We can help you fix wireless dead/bad zones in and around your house. We also provide services to install network wiring. A reliable network should be designed and configured based on how it is used. We find that many homes do not have the proper configuration and setup for their network. Our consultants can help you determine the optimal network configuration for your home.

Network security

We secure networks. We can secure both wired and wireless networks based on your security needs.

Switch and Routers

We install, setup, and configure switches and routers based on your networking requirements at your home.

Network print, fax, and scanning

We setup, configure, and test your network capable printers, fax machines, and scanners to work on your home network.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephones

We install and configure your VOIP router. We can help you determine the best setup and hardware for your VOIP system.

Internet services

We know that talking to tech support from some companies can be time consuming and sometimes rather difficult. We will help you talk to your internet service provider about any issues, upgrades, or changes you may need discuss.

We are able to help you find the best backup, recovery, and data restoration methods and products for your needs.


We provide affordable and reliable solutions for your backup needs. We will help you determine the best products for backing up your data. We will setup and configure, and manage your backup system.

We offer safe and secure off-site backup solutions. We will help you determine the best solutions for your off-site backup. We will help you setup and configure and manage your off-site backup system.


We provide data recovery services for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems and any type of memory stick or memory card. We can help you get your data back. Erased, Corruption, Hardware malfunction or damage, flood, fire, neglect, abuse, and other issues we can help you recover your data.


We offer services to help you restore your system or data from a reliable backup. We also test to make sure the backup has been restored properly. We can help you setup reliable rollback solutions. Rollback will allow you to go back to a particular rollback state, before the system was damaged or corrupted.

Internet Security

We will help you use the internet safely by setting up your local firewall, professionally configuring your operating system, network security, and helping you maintain protection in the future. We can help you decide which products and services are best for your needs and how to ensure safe internet browsing.

Malware Removal, Protection and, Prevention

We can remove, prevent, and protect you from Viral infection, Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, worms, bots, injection, bombing, and more. We will help you restore your system back to normal performing condition.


We help you organize and control your email. We will help you remove unwanted emails. We protect you from current email attacks. We setup and instruct on future spam prevention.

Encryption and Decryption

We can help you encrypt your data or decrypt your data to enhance your security for a variety of purposes. Enhance your privacy by securely encrypting e-mails, Internet transmission, documents, photos, and much more.


If you lost your passwords for Window or Mac, we can help you get it back. We can also teach you how to manage your passwords so you won’t lose them. You will also know that your passwords are safe and secure.

We can help you recover passwords for Word documents, PDF files, MS power point presentations, Access Databases, unlock a Zip & Rar files and more.

Secure Data Wiping

We can completely wipe your hard drives so that data cannot be recovered. We use Department of Defense grade data destruction technologies.

Parental Security

We can help you protect your family from unwanted websites and help parents monitor activity and block unwanted program, sites, and aid to protect from possible online predators.


For Commercial Services

Personalized Service

We provide personalized technology services for the home.  We are able to understand you and your technology lifestyle. We provide customer service tailored to your needs.  We have your preferences and needs in mind.  We can help you create a technology plan that fits your lifestyle.


Better Choices

Choosing the right combination of technology products and services is important to ensure compatibility and reliability and also functionality.  We can help you make the right choices for your technology products and services that fit your needs.


Quality Services

Our company is dedicated to providing the best possible technology services.  We are working around the clock testing and experimenting with every major and some minor software and hardware products.  We test anti-virus software, encryption technologies and many other systems in order to determine if there has been any improvements over previous versions and to better understand which products we should be recommending.


Flexible Support System

We provide service via email, over the phone, on-site(at your house), in-house(at our office), or through our remote support system*.  We currently provide attended and unattended remote support for just about every computer platform from Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone &iPad.


Large Selection of Services.

We offer a full array of services for your technology from consulting, purchasing, installation, setup, configuration, protection, personalization, management,  upgrade, disposal and more.


*remote support requires a working Internet connection