We’re striving to become a company that truly helps others.  We would like to share what some of our clients have said about us.

  • Anonymous

    I am a long time member (since 2005). I have had other IT companies in the past, but Joseph’s company provides the services I’ve always needed. As an M.D. I am not interested in the technical aspects of computers. My interested in computer technology is to get work done. We have developed a trusting relationship over the years. It has made dealing with computers and getting service so much simpler. Joseph and his staff understand my needs. If you would like to speak to me personally. Please call me: 215.947.6143 just ask for Dr. Andrew Berkowitz.

  • Bobby Walters

    I have been a Total Technologies member since 2008.  I am retired and I never used a computer before.  I joined the membership and took advantage of the membership discounts on private lessons.  My consultant, Joseph Hwang, understood my needs and purchased the best computer, software, and accessories for my budget and needs.  He setup everything to what I wanted and taught me how to use the computer.  Now I am able to email my family, order tickets on-line and get information about all sorts of things from the web.  Whenever I have a technical issue or simple problem I can call and get assistance.  I’m pleased with my membership because it gives me access to reliable, professional, and prompt service.  Total Technologies is able to assist and maintain my computer remotely which makes it much easier to get help right away.  Thank you Joseph for your help and continued support.           -Bob Walters

  • Anonymous

    As a member I can tell you that my consultant is the most technologically talented person.  He is dedicated to his clients like a good teacher would be.  He is able to understand the needs of his clients, who are in the dark about technological issues.  I trust his abilities to ascertain a problem in a very timely manner.  I appreciate his efforts in explaining computers and smartphones which in turn makes it easier for me to utilize.  Thank You for your continued assistance. -Margie (Member since 2009)