Total Technologies provides a comprehensive package of technology services that can enhance and support your business technology needs.  Our commercial membership plans include 24/7 automated patch management,  24/7 automated maintenance, wide platform remote support (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Windows mobile, Blackberry, Iphone and Ipad, Android*), server hosting and management and more.  Through our select partnerships we can help your business get improved prices, rates, and improved customer service and support.


A commercial membership plan includes maintenance, support, and remote assistance services.  A membership plan provides a clearer scope of you IT costs.  The services bundled in our membership packages keeps any businesses’ technology infrastructure up  to date, maintained, backed up and prepared for disaster.


We provide IT management services in the following types of industries or business:


– Advertising and Marketing

– Attorneys and Professional Offices

– Construction and Carpentry

– Doctors and Chiropractic Offices

– Engineering & Architecture

– Financial and Insurance

– Health and Fitness

– Restaurant and Hospitality

– Local Government

– Non- Profit and Religious Organizations

– Retail (On-line and Storefront)


A commercial membership is suited for a business that needs the benefits of an IT department without having to pay for a full time in-house staff.   Memberships can also enhance an existing IT department when they require additional or supplemental services that may not be handled by in-house personnel.


Save time and money through our membership discounts on services and various discounts with our partner companies.  Members benefit from guaranteed discounted per project and hourly rates for any service that is beyond the scope the membership coverage.


If you are interested in commercial membership, please click here to contact us.